shes into music and is most popular kid in crowning high. shes into fashion and peace.

BFF: lyric Anthony

likes: music

favorite color: blue

destiny: queen

occasion: princess

also the best student

shes the most fashionable most stylish and most popular student in crowning high . she is best friends with lyric , honey and cake. she is the best student in the whole school and she has been a class president every year .she is the best haired and best fashioned student as well . she and cup cake compete a lot. her birthday is on 20-July. she can be very happy she is a friend in need of fashion. she will do any thing for fashion. she is a great student for keeping secrets. she is a musician . her voice is incredable . she is the best singer in the school. and the best student to run for president.

Harmony harp
Ever After High Through The Woods Poppy O'Hair

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